Video labeling or video annotation for machine learning is a means of tagging information in a video to improve its visibility and usability in training ML algorithms. Basically, video data labeling entails adding metadata information to video datasets including specifics on people, objects, locations, and so much more.

Today, there are multiple industries where video classification services are needed. Whether it’s in the development of motion detection, AI-based surveillance, or gesture guidance apps, the role of a video labeler cannot be overlooked. In hindsight, however, the growing demand for high-quality, individualized video data sets for ML and AI training makes it hard for companies to source and recruit candidates for video labeling positions.

Luckily for you, our agency can help recruit and build audio annotation and video labeling teams from scratch or even reinforce your existing workforce.  These independent contractors will serve as an extension of your team, and they will deliver accurate video data sets to your company without compromising on the final results.

Video Labeling Services That the Professionals We Hire Can Assist with

Unlike most staffing agencies that serve specific industries and niches, our agency will help you hire professionals cutting across different industries. Here are some of the services that the video labeling teams we help assemble can help with.

major video annotation services

2D Bounding Boxes

This video annotation method entails superimposing a rectangular 2D bounding box over the target object in each frame, making it easier for the model to identify the objects in the real world. This annotation method is mainly used in the security, automotive, media, and entertainment industries, and our hiring managers will connect you with professionals to do all that.

3D Boxes

3D boxes offer AI and ML models more insights into objects in a video, more specifically the height, width, and length. This makes 3D point cloud annotation relatively better and accurate compared to  2D box annotation. In the real world, 3D boxes are used to annotate videos for the automotive industry including cycling and driving designated zones on the roads to give the models a better understanding of the traffic situation.

Lines and Splines Annotation

As the name suggests, this annotation method is primarily used to draw boundaries between parts of an image or video. It is mainly used in the automotive industry to define lane lines in the drivable zones of a road for autonomous vehicle perception models. Our hiring managers will connect you with professionals that will deliver accurate lines and splines annotation services.

Polygons Annotation

Labeling polygons helps train object detection and localization algorithms to identify objects that have irregular shapes like houses in aerial photography and street signs in traffic with a high degree of accuracy. Our staffing agency will help you recruit image labeling experts to deliver pixel perfect polygon annotations derived from objects of interest in your videos. 

Landmarks & Keypoints Annotation

This video annotation is used to precisely detect shape variations for facial landmark detection, motion tracking, and hand gesture recognition by placing key points on the areas of interest. Our recruitment managers will help you build a video labeling team to deliver fast, efficient, and accurate keypoint annotation over multiple frames for facial recognition, counting applications, emotion detection. 

Video Tagging

Data annotations tagging or labeling objects in the video frames is used to train an ML system to detect objects in the real world. It is also used to track people’s movements by tagging the sequence of events where all the specific actions are taking place with tags. Whether you want to annotate YouTube video or any other type of video, our staffing agency will help you build the right team. 

Video Categorization & Classification 

As the name suggests, video categorization is a process that involves assigning classes or categories to specific events in a video. In the real world, video categorization is used to train ML and AI models to identify specific actions and movements in VR, video gaming, and motion detection.

Video Data Analysis

Video data features loads of useful information that your model can use including license plates and motion of active audience. Whether you need to analyze video data on an ongoing basis or for a one-time project, our experienced recruiting managers will ensure a smooth recruitment process and engagement with precise results.

Video Transcription

Looking to outsource video transcription? Our recruitment team will also help you hire transcribers to convert whatever is uttered on video into written text for captioning and subtitling purposes.

Industries Where Our Video Labelers Can Be Useful

Our hiring team will help you build a dedicated video labeling team, ultimately making your video datasets usable for training your models. Below are some of the industries that our hires can work in:

industries where video annotator is working

Why Partner with Our Data Labeling Specialists Recruitment Agency?

According to recent statistics published by Grand View Research, the global outsourcing industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% between now and 2027, generating an estimated $405.6 billion. With such huge prospects, staffing agencies keep on cropping up to have a bite of the cake. 

Unfortunately, most of them are here to make passive income and not to take care of their client’s interests. So why should you trust us to help you build a video labeling team? Here are our four main reasons:

  1. Experienced professionals. If you are looking to build and launch world-class AI solutions, our reliable hiring managers will ensure that you have the right team to collect and label your videos, images, text, audio, and any other data that you may use to build and continuously improve your artificial intelligence, machine learning, or NLP systems. 
  2. Access to global talent. One of the primary reasons why companies outsource is to bridge the in-house skills gap. Ideally, hiring within the vicinity of the company may seem like an ideal option. But with specialized roles like video labeling, it can be hard to find the talent locally. Luckily, our staffing agency helps you access the best professionals, most of whom have worked with different companies and industries from all over the world.
  3. Scalable teams. To us, video annotation outsourcing means offering our clients the best talent in the most cost-effective way possible by allowing you to scale your team upwards or downwards depending on your hiring needs.
  4. Faster turn around. Thanks to our large pool of talented professionals and robust referral system, our hiring managers are able to rapidly build your team. Whether you are looking for video annotation, video semantic segmentation, or video data collection services, we’ve got the means to assemble the right team in record time.

How We Hire Our Annotation Video Professionals

Getting started with your own dedicated video annotation team is a piece of cake. Along with that, you can start small and scale your time as your hiring needs change with time. 

Here’s a step-by-step process of how our hiring process plays out:

  1. Book time with us so we can discuss hiring needs, your business culture, and the skills you are looking for.
  2. Next, our team of hiring managers will begin the process of recruiting video annotators by creating a catchy advert and circulating it to our network.
  3. We will start reviewing the resumes of candidates who respond, as well as send them to you for your consideration.
  4. After that, we will arrange for you to conduct virtual interviews via Zoom, Skype, or video conferencing platform of choice.
  5. Formalize everything by signing a contract and the newly hired video annotators will start working as an extension of your existing team.

Get in touch with us today and hire a dedicated video labeler or build an entire video labeling team!