Client’s Needs:

A technology, information, and internet company based in Germany required a data annotation service for categorizing German survey responses accurately. Their goal was to efficiently label survey data in Excel format to extract valuable insights.

Main Challenges:

The primary challenge was to find German-speaking annotators with the intelligence to recognize suboptimal labels and suggest improvements. Ensuring the accuracy and quality of text annotation while providing constructive feedback was crucial.

survey response labeling

Our Data Annotation Approach:

In navigating the challenges of our project, we devised a strategic approach centered on precision, optimization, and ongoing quality improvement. Here, we detail the key solutions that played a pivotal role in our success:

Annotator Selection:

We carefully selected annotators with experience in text categorization and a strong command of the German language. This ensured they met the language and skill requirements for the project.

Test Task Evaluation:

We assigned the same test task, comprising 100 survey responses, to three different annotators. This allowed us to evaluate and assess their speed and the quality of their annotations.

Label Optimization:

While comparing the annotators’ answers with the correct labels provided by the client, we identified areas where labels could be improved. We proactively advised the client to make changes, which they implemented, enhancing the quality of the project.

Ongoing Project:

Following the successful completion of the test task, we continued the project by assigning it to the top-performing German-speaking annotator. Due to the low workload, the annotator could maintain high-quality work.

Proactive Label Analysis:

We initiated a process of analyzing existing labels and advising changes to improve the quality of the project over time.

data annotation case study

Received Results:

Our strategic approach and unwavering commitment to precision and quality resulted in a series of noteworthy achievements. Throughout the project, we consistently delivered outstanding outcomes, ensuring both the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts. Here are the key results that underscore our success:

  • Precise and efficient categorization of German survey responses.
  • Client implemented label changes based on our recommendations, enhancing the overall quality of the project.
  • Ongoing project management and proactive label analysis ensured continued quality and efficiency.

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