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Dmitriy is an experienced AI labeler who specializes in 3D point cloud, video, speech recognition, text, and image processing/annotation. He is skilled in identifying and labeling objects, events, and actions accurately and efficiently. Dmitriy has extensive experience in transcribing and annotating speech data in multiple languages and dialects. He can create precise transcriptions that are useful for various applications. With his diverse skill set and expertise in AI labeling, Dmitriy can deliver high-quality results that meet his clients’ needs.

With extensive expertise in these domains, he has gained experience and skills in various annotation tools and techniques, making him a versatile and reliable asset for any AI labeling project.

Experienced AI Labeler with Versatile Expertise

3D Point Cloud Annotation:

  • Proficient in labeling point clouds of various objects and environments such as cars, buildings, and landscapes
  • Experienced in using software tools such as CloudCompare and Labelbox for 3D point cloud annotation
  • Skilled in handling complex data structures, including octrees and KD-trees
  • Able to create annotations for LIDAR data, which is widely used in autonomous driving technology
  • Familiar with labeling point clouds for object detection, classification, and semantic segmentation

Video Annotation:

  • Proficient in labeling video frames for object tracking, object detection, and action recognition
  • Experienced in using software tools such as VGG Image Annotator (VIA) and Labelbox for video annotation
  • Able to annotate videos with bounding boxes, polygons, and key-points
  • Familiar with labeling videos for surveillance, sports, and entertainment applications

Speech Recognition:

  • Proficient in transcribing speech data into text format
  • Experienced in using software tools such as Google Speech-to-Text API and Amazon Transcribe for speech recognition
  • Skilled in handling different languages and accents
  • Able to identify speaker diarization and handle noise reduction techniques
  • Familiar with labeling speech data for natural language processing (NLP) applications

Text Annotation:

  • Proficient in annotating text data for sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and text classification
  • Expertise in natural language processing (NLP) and text annotation techniques
  • Able to create custom annotations for specific use cases
  • Familiar with labeling text data for chatbots, customer service, and social media analysis

Image Processing/Annotation:

  • Proficient in annotating images for object detection, classification, and segmentation
  • Experienced in using software tools such as Labelbox and CVAT for image annotation
  • Able to annotate images with bounding boxes, polygons, and key-points
  • Familiar with labeling images for medical imaging, e-commerce, and advertising applications

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