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Olga is a highly skilled expert in object annotation, specializing in a variety of annotation tools such as bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, polylines, and cloud points. With her expertise in using CVAT, a popular annotation tool for Computer Vision tasks, she excels in creating detailed annotation tasks for industries like autonomous driving, medical imaging, and satellite imagery.

With a keen eye for detail, Olga consistently delivers precise and accurate annotations for complex images. Her commitment to accuracy and consistency ensures the highest quality of annotation. She has a proven track record of success, working with diverse clients and delivering exceptional results.

When it comes to object annotation projects, Olga is an excellent choice. Her expertise and experience make her well-equipped to handle any annotation task with efficiency and proficiency.

Expertise in Object Annotation: Working with Bounding Boxes, Polygons, and Semantic Segmentation

Bounding Boxes

Olga is proficient in creating bounding boxes, a widely used annotation technique for object detection tasks. She can accurately annotate objects of various shapes and sizes, including those that overlap or are partially visible.

Polygons Annotation

Olga is skilled in creating polygonal annotations, a technique that provides more precise and accurate object boundaries than bounding boxes. She has experience with complex shapes and can handle both convex and concave polygons.

Semantic Segmentation

Olga is experienced in annotating images for semantic segmentation tasks, where each pixel in an image is labeled with a class. She is proficient in using techniques such as image masking and pixel-level annotations to create accurate segmentations.

Polylines Annotation

Olga has expertise in annotating images with polylines, a technique used to mark the contours of objects with irregular shapes or curves. She can create smooth and accurate annotations for objects such as roads, rivers, and coastlines.

Cloud Points Annotation

Olga is experienced in annotating point clouds, a technique used in 3D object detection and recognition tasks. She can accurately label objects in point clouds, including those that are partially occluded or have complex shapes.

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