Client’s Needs:

A research software company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) required heatmap annotation services for video frames to support their computer vision research efforts. They sought a managed service solution to ensure high-quality annotations.

Main Challenges:

The primary challenge faced in this project was ensuring coherent annotations while multiple annotators worked in parallel on the same dataset. Maintaining consistent identification (IDs) within the project was crucial to avoid discrepancies in the annotations.

heatmap video annotation

Our Data Annotation Approach:

To address the client’s needs and overcome the challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution: leveraging our expertise in data annotation, we carefully curated a team of experienced annotators, tailored our annotation platform to the client’s specific requirements, and established rigorous quality assurance processes. This holistic approach allowed us to consistently deliver high-quality annotations that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

Project Setup in CVAT:

We set up the project in the Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT), tailoring it to meet the specific requirements of the client.

Experienced Annotators:

We carefully vetted annotators with proven experience in bounding box annotation to ensure the highest quality results.

Annotator Team:

A team of three skilled annotators was assembled to work on the project in parallel, maximizing efficiency and throughput.

Internal Documentation:

We developed internal documentation to guide annotators, emphasizing the importance of maintaining consistent IDs throughout the project. This documentation helped standardize annotations and reduce discrepancies.

Quality Assurance (QA):

We promoted one of our top annotators to the role of QA. The QA annotator meticulously rechecked all video frames, providing detailed feedback to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Weekly Reporting:

We implemented a reporting system that provided the client with weekly updates on the project’s progress. This reporting also included a time spent report, allowing the client to track resource utilization.

data annotation case study

Received Results:

Our efforts resulted in a successful completion of the project with the following outcomes:

  • Six datasets were annotated, comprising a total of 17,890 frames.
  • The project was completed in 293 hours, closely aligned with the initial estimate of 300 hours provided to the client.
  • Annotations were coherent and maintained consistent IDs across all frames, ensuring the highest quality data for the client’s computer vision project.
  • By effectively addressing the client’s needs, overcoming challenges, and providing a well-managed annotation service, we enabled our UAE-based research software client to advance their computer vision research with confidence in the quality of their annotated dataset.

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