Client’s Needs:

A healthcare software company in the United States required assistance in annotating audio transcripts for their hospital and healthcare-related applications. The client sought a structured approach to obtain a quotation for this annotation task.

Main Challenges:

The primary challenge was to identify a skilled annotator proficient in text annotation and possessing an upper-intermediate level of English. Additionally, the client required an annotator who was open to taking on various additional tasks and could quickly adapt to new responsibilities.

Audio Transcript Annotation for Healthcare

Our Data Annotation Approach:

To address the client’s needs and overcome the challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution: leveraging our expertise in data annotation, we carefully curated a team of experienced annotators, tailored our annotation platform to the client’s specific requirements, and established rigorous quality assurance processes. This holistic approach allowed us to consistently deliver high-quality annotations that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

Pre-selection of Annotators:

We initiated the process by pre-selecting six annotators who had prior experience in text annotation and met the English language proficiency requirement.

In-depth HR Talks:

To ensure a good fit between the project’s requirements and the annotators’ capabilities, we conducted comprehensive HR discussions with each shortlisted annotator. These discussions helped confirm a strong match between the annotator and the project.

Client Interviews:

We organized interviews between the client and all the shortlisted candidates. This allowed the client to assess the candidates firsthand and make an informed decision.

Hiring the Full-Time Annotator:

Based on the client’s final choice, we hired one full-time annotator who met all the necessary criteria.

Onboarding Assistance:

We provided extensive support during the annotator’s onboarding process, addressing any HR-related queries and ensuring a smooth transition onto the project.

Time Tracking and Reporting:

We implemented a time-tracking system and established a weekly reporting mechanism. The responsibility for managing these processes was assigned to the Service Lead.

Annotator Development:

Over the course of a year, our dedicated data annotator not only fulfilled their role in text annotation but also grew into the position of a Junior Quality Assurance (QA) specialist. This transition significantly expanded their list of responsibilities beyond annotation tasks.

data annotation case study

Received Results:

Our solution enabled the client to obtain high-quality annotated audio transcripts for their healthcare software. The key achievements and results of this collaboration include:

  • Successful hiring of a dedicated full-time annotator with the required skills and adaptability.
  • Consistent and reliable annotation services provided over a year, meeting the client’s evolving needs.
  • Development of the annotator into a Junior QA specialist, showcasing the annotator’s versatility and ability to take on additional responsibilities.
  • Seamless project management with time tracking and weekly reporting overseen by the Service Lead.
  • This case study exemplifies how we tailored our approach to meet the unique requirements of the client and provide long-term value in the field of healthcare software annotation.

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