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Tamila is an experienced data labeler with a diverse set of skills and experience. She is a highly sought-after talent, capable of providing high-quality labeling and annotation services. 

Tamila has extensive experience in working with audio transcription, evaluation of texts and audio, annotation & categorization of words, timestamping, and language content review. She is also capable of analyzing video streams from front cameras of cars, identifying road objects and annotating them according to specified requirements. 

Proven Data Labeler Expert In Audio Transcription, Evaluation, Annotation, & More

Her tools of expertise include Phylosys Label Editor, Tagtog, and Label Studio.

Audio Transcription

Tamila has the ability to transcribe audio files into written text with high accuracy and attention to detail.

Evaluation Of Texts And Audio

She can evaluate written or spoken content for accuracy, consistency, and relevance according to specified requirements.

Annotation And Categorization

Tamila can annotate and categorize words based on specific criteria, which can help in the development of natural language processing algorithms.


She has the ability to add timestamps to audio or video files to enhance their usability and searchability.

Labeling, Tagging, Categorizing, And Validating Data

Tamila is responsible for labeling, tagging, categorizing, and validating data that machines learn from. She ensures that the data is of high quality and that it meets the required standards.

Using Software Tools To Annotate Digital Image Files

Tamila is proficient in using various software tools such as Phylosys Label Editor, Tagtog, and Label Studio to annotate digital image files. This ultimately enhances the visual learning of artificial intelligence systems.

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