Client’s Needs:

A software development team in Germany required an image labeling service to assist in annotating aerial forest imagery. Their primary focus was on accurately highlighting and marking trees using bounding boxes or polygons for image recognition purposes.

Main Challenges:

The primary challenge was identifying annotators who possessed the necessary skills, both technical and soft, for accurate and consistent tree annotation in a task that could be monotonous due to the lack of image diversity.

Aerial Forest Image annotation

Our Data Annotation Approach:

In order to meet the unique demands of this project, we implemented a meticulous approach that prioritized precision, consistency, and transparency at every stage. With these strategies in place, we not only met but exceeded the project’s expectations, delivering accurate and high-quality bounding box annotations for our client’s aerial forest photos.

Annotator Vetting:

We carefully vetted annotators with a proven track record in bounding box annotation to ensure they met the technical requirements of the project.

Quality Assessment:

We assigned a test task to six different annotators to evaluate the quality of their annotations. This allowed the client to select the annotator whose work best matched their project’s needs.

Parallel Annotation Team:

We assembled a team of two annotators who worked in parallel, cross-checking each other’s annotations to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and consistency.

Ongoing Project:

We initiated an ongoing project with a monthly goal of annotating 50,000 aerial forest photos. To maintain transparency and keep the client informed, we implemented weekly reporting on project progress.

data annotation case study

Received Results:

Our commitment to excellence and precision in the field of aerial forest imagery annotation yielded outstanding outcomes for our client. By combining our expertise with a dedicated and systematic approach, we achieved the following results:

  • Successfully met the client’s need for accurate tree annotation in aerial forest imagery.
  • Delivered a managed service that provided consistent and precise bounding box annotations.
  • Maintained a high level of accuracy through annotator cross-checking.
  • Established a long-term partnership with ongoing monthly annotation support.

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