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Nataliia is a highly experienced AI annotator, who specializes in data annotation for Computer Vision projects. She has been working in this field for the past 5 years and her expertise spans a wide range of tasks, including 3d face mesh, object/body/face detection, face landmarks, head/body segmentation, categorization, and search results assessment.

Nataliia is proficient in image acquisition and various types of labeling for Computer Vision projects. She is able to accurately and quickly label images for detection and segmentation tasks. Nataliia also has a keen eye for quality control and is able to detect errors and omissions in data annotation.

Nataliia’s Expertise in Data Annotation for Computer Vision:

Nataliia has a good working knowledge of a range of tools related to data annotation, including LabelBox, CVAT, Blender, QGis, and Labelimg.

3D Face Mesh

Nataliia is well-versed in creating 3D face meshes from 2D images. She can use modelling tools to create realistic 3D representations of faces for use in Computer Vision projects.

Object/Body/Face Detection

Nataliia is skilled in detecting and labeling objects, bodies, and faces in images. She can accurately identify objects, bodies, and faces in images and label them accordingly.

Semantic Segmentation

  • Segmenting objects in images and videos accurately;
  • Classifying objects in images and videos;
  • Assigning labels accurately.

Polylines Annotation

  • Drawing accurate polylines in images and videos;
  • Connecting and adjusting vertices of polylines;
  • Labeling and classifying objects accurately.

Face Landmarks

Nataliia is knowledgeable in identifying and labeling facial landmarks in images. She can accurately identify facial features in images and label them correctly.

Head/Body Segmentation

Nataliia is experienced in segmenting heads and bodies from images. She can accurately identify the boundaries between heads and bodies in images and label each section accordingly.


Nataliia is proficient in classifying objects, bodies, and faces into categories. She can accurately identify objects, bodies, and faces in images and classify them into appropriate categories.

Search Result Assessment

Nataliia is experienced in assessing search results for accuracy. She can evaluate search results for accuracy and determine if they meet the necessary criteria.

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