Client’s Needs:

A biotechnology research entity in South Korea required precise annotation of drug patent images for their scientific analysis. The focus was on creating bounding boxes around specific elements within the images, necessitating specialized knowledge in Chemistry.

Main Challenges:

The primary challenge was finding annotators with a deep understanding of Chemistry who could accurately distinguish reactions from atomic structures in the images, ensuring data quality and reliability.

Drug Patent Image Annotation

Our Data Annotation Approach:

In response to the distinctive challenges presented by our project, we implemented a meticulously crafted suite of solutions designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and excellence. These solutions formed the bedrock of our approach, ensuring the successful achievement of our client’s objectives. Here, we delve into the key strategies that underscored our success:

CVAT Setup:

We initiated the project by configuring the Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT), providing a tailored platform for image annotation.

Specialized Annotator Selection:

To meet the client’s specific requirements, we meticulously vetted annotators with a background in Chemistry. We assembled a team of four annotators who possessed the necessary expertise.

Efficient Test Task:

We completed a test task involving 10 sample images within 24 hours, receiving positive feedback from the client. This quick turnaround demonstrated our capability to meet their needs promptly.

Cross-Checking Process:

To ensure high accuracy and reliability, we implemented a cross-checking mechanism among annotators. This process involved reviewing and verifying each other’s annotations to maintain consistency.

Rapid Project Completion:

Leveraging the expertise of our annotators and the cross-checking process, we successfully completed the entire project, which involved annotating 20,000 PDF files of varying quality, within just two weeks.

data annotation case study

Received Results:

Our commitment to precision, subject expertise, and quality assurance led to a series of significant achievements in this project. These outcomes highlight our capacity to deliver exceptional value to our client while meeting their key objectives. Here are the notable results that underscore our success:

  • Precise bounding box annotations were applied to drug patent images, enhancing their usability for biotechnology research.
  • Annotators with specialized knowledge in Chemistry ensured accurate identification of reactions and atomic structures in the images.
  • The cross-checking process contributed to the consistency and quality of annotations.
  • The project was completed efficiently and well within the client’s timeline, demonstrating our ability to handle complex tasks.

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