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Yuliia is an experienced Visual Annotator with expertise in stitching, analyzing, identifying and classifying data assets. She specializes in working with large amounts of visual data, particularly on the blade of a turbine. She works with the GTApp annotation tool and is capable of stitching together separate images to create a full image of each side of the blade. Yuliia is experienced in analyzing data assets, identifying findings according to the current technical standards and determining the severity of damage. She is able to classify the findings in order to improve Machine Learning algorithms.

Proficiency in Visual Data Processing for ML Applications

Yuliia is an experienced visual annotator who has specialized in a variety of areas related to analyzing and processing visual data. Her expertise includes:

Identifying Findings According To Current Technical Standards

Yuliia is knowledgeable about current technical standards and guidelines for visual analysis. She can identify findings and anomalies in visual data based on these standards and can provide detailed reports and recommendations based on her findings.

Analyzing Data Assets

Yuliia has experience in analyzing a wide range of data assets, including images, videos, and other visual media. She is able to identify patterns and trends in data, and has a strong understanding of data analysis techniques and statistical methods. She can work with both structured and unstructured data and can develop custom analysis tools as needed.

Classifying Findings To Improve Machine Learning Algorithms

Yuliia is skilled in classifying visual data to improve machine learning algorithms. She can identify patterns and categorize data to make it easier for machines to understand and process. She has experience in using a variety of classification algorithms and can customize them based on the needs of the project.

Working With Big Amounts Of Visual Data

Yuliia has experience in managing and processing large volumes of visual data. She can develop custom workflows and tools to optimize the processing and analysis of large datasets. She is also familiar with cloud-based data storage and processing systems.

Working With Gtapp Annotation Tool

Yuliia is familiar with the GTApp annotation tool, a popular tool for annotating visual data for machine learning purposes. She can use this tool to create high-quality annotated datasets for a wide range of applications, including object recognition, image classification, and natural language processing.

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