Client’s Needs:

Our client, an educational institution in the UK, required data annotators who were passionate about sustainable development and business. The task involved reading information from annual corporate sustainability reports, extracting sustainability initiatives, and categorizing them according to an internal methodology. Approximately 1 million words per month needed annotation, and the project required the engagement of four part-time annotators.

Main Challenges:

The primary challenge in this project was the ambiguity of the test task, where text interpretations could vary. This led to shortlisting only 16% of initially selected candidates, a relatively low success rate for such tasks. However, our extensive database of vetted annotators allowed us to adapt and provide the necessary number of specialists with the required skills.

Data Annotation for Educational institution

Our Data Annotation Approach:

To meet the unique requirements of our client’s project, we devised a comprehensive approach that prioritized precision, skill, and alignment with the client’s sustainability goals. Here’s how we ensured the success of the project:

Precise Annotator Selection:

We began by meticulously pre-selecting 50 annotators with a strong background in text annotation and an upper-intermediate level of English proficiency. This step ensured that our team possessed the necessary skills for the project.

Test Task Evaluation:

Each annotator was assigned a test task provided by the client. Based on their performance, we shortlisted 8 final candidates. However, due to the task’s ambiguity, we recognized the need for a new approach.

Client Collaboration for Task Refinement:

To address the challenge of ambiguous test tasks, we collaborated closely with the client. Together, we refined the test task to provide clearer instructions and better-defined criteria for evaluation.

Motivation Alignment:

We conducted in-depth HR talks with each shortlisted annotator to ensure their motivation aligned with the client’s long-term vision. This step was crucial in fostering a dedicated and passionate team.

Interview Selection:

We promoted one of our top annotators to the role of QA. The QA annotator meticulously rechecked all video frames, providing detailed feedback to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Effective Team Formation:

We assembled a team of 4 part-time annotators based on the client’s preferences. This collaborative team structure allowed for efficient handling of the project’s workload.

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Received Results:

Our meticulous approach yielded exceptional outcomes, significantly contributing to the enhancement and validation of the client’s sustainability research dataset. Here are the tangible results of our collaborative efforts:

  • We successfully formed a highly motivated and skilled team of annotators.
  • Despite the initial challenges with the test task, we engaged the right specialists for the project.
  • Approximately 1 million words of text per month were accurately annotated.
  • The client’s sustainability research dataset was significantly enriched and validated.
  • The project progressed smoothly and contributed to the client’s long-term research goals.
  • Time tracking and project reporting were effectively implemented, streamlining project management.

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