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Olha is an experienced data annotator with expertise in a wide range of annotation tasks, including transcribing audio and annotating data. She is skilled in creating various types of annotations, including bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, polylines, and cloud points to identify and classify objects in images accurately.
In addition, Olha is proficient in speech-to-text transcription and speaker diarization, which are essential for transcribing audio accurately. She is also experienced in audio sentiment analysis, which is essential for determining the emotions conveyed in audio data.
Olha is highly proficient in using CVAT, a popular annotation tool, to create and manage annotations efficiently. With her background in annotation and expertise in transcribing audio, Olha is an excellent asset to any data annotation team.

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Olha has extensive experience with annotation tools and techniques, and is able to work efficiently and effectively on a variety of annotation tasks.

Bounding boxes

  • Drawing precise bounding boxes around objects in an image;
  • Adjusting the size and shape of bounding boxes;
  • Assigning labels and classifying objects accurately.

Polygon Annotation

  • Drawing irregular shaped polygons;
  • Connecting and adjusting vertices of polygons;
  • Labeling and classifying objects accurately.

Semantic segmentation

  • Segmenting objects in images and videos accurately;
  • Classifying objects in images and videos;
  • Assigning labels accurately.

Polylines annotation

  • Drawing accurate polylines in images and videos;
  • Connecting and adjusting vertices of polylines;
  • Labeling and classifying objects accurately.

Cloud points annotation

  • Annotating 3D objects in images and videos;
  • Creating 3D models of objects;
  • Assigning labels and classifying objects accurately.

Speech-to-text transcription

  • Transcribing audio recordings accurately;
  • Converting audio recordings to text;
  • Editing text for accuracy.

Speaker diarization

  • Identifying and labeling speakers in audio recordings;
  • Segmenting audio recordings by speaker;
  • Assigning labels to speakers.

Audio sentiment analysis

  • Analyzing audio recordings for sentiment;
  • Assigning sentiment labels to audio recordings;
  • Classifying audio recordings.

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