Audio annotation entails converting recorded speeches or sounds into texts that are identifiable to virtual assistant devices and chatbots through ML models. Today, there are hundreds (possibly millions) of apps trying to mimic human interaction, which has led to an explosion in the demand for audio labeling services. 

For many companies, however, the prospects of hiring a data labeling specialist/s for machine learning (ML) models in-house are hard to overlook. For starters, there’s the assumption that using internal resources helps save time and resources by using employees already on the payroll. Still, if the project is highly confidential, using an in-house team significantly reduces the threat of intellectual property theft. 

When such a machine learning initiative starts to scale, however, the loopholes in using an in-house team can begin to show. And that’s where our staffing agency comes. Headquartered in Ukraine, we help companies all over the world to recruit audio and speech annotation professionals. Whether you are looking to build your audio labeling team from scratch or scale your existing workforce, our hiring managers will ensure you get the very best.

Audio Annotation Services You Will Get By Hiring Remote Audio Labelers Through Us 

Our agency helps recruit stellar video labeling professionals, all of whom are experienced in delivering high-quality, accurate datasets for AI and machine learning algorithms. Here are some of the services they can render.

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Sound Labeling

Labeling audio sources entails the data annotators separating all the necessary sounds in an audio file and tagging them. It could be certain keywords in the audio file or the sound of a particular musical instrument. Our staffing agency will help you assemble a proficient team capable of interactively defining and visualizing ground-truth labels for your audio data sets, making them usable in training your models. 

Speech to Text Transcription

This method entails translating spoken speeches or audio into written text. Our hires offer audio transcription services in a variety of industries including finance, legal, medical, e-commerce, and technology. On top of the speech to transcription services, our speech transcriber/s can help with other add-ons such as speaker identification, time stamping, and support for different audio file formats. 

Speech Labeling

Speech labeling is the primary annotation technique that helps separate sounds and assigns tags using specific metadata. Just like image labeling, speech labeling helps you to ontologically identify sounds from a piece of audio and precisely annotate them to augment their usability in training AI and ML. And our agency can help you assemble a team of environmental sound recognition and classification professionals for all that.

Audio Classification

As the name suggests, audio classification is the process of classifying audio files using different parameters such as language, semantics, dialect, and other features. It is mainly used in numerous NLP applications like chatbots, text to speech, automatic speech recognition, and so much more. Our hiring managers will help you assemble a team of human audio annotators to identify and classify your datasets into predetermined categories. They will accurately label different categories of audios including acoustic data classification, natural language classification, music classification, and environmental sound classification.

Sound Event Tracking

Event tracking helps gauge the performance of sound event detection systems in multivariate environmental conditions, where the sources of sound are rarely received or heard in isolation. Here, there isn’t control over the number of concurrent and overlapping sound events when training or testing your audio data.

Multi Label Annotation

Multi-label annotation is important in helping NLP models differentiate between two overlapping audio sources. In this approach, a particular audio dataset may belong to one or multiple classes, despite the need to be explicitly conveyed to the model to help it make a better decision.

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What Makes Us Unique on the Audio Classification Staffing Market?

Whilst there are many staffing agencies in Ukraine, not all of them are created equal. Some are out there to scam out your money, which is why it is critical to find a reputable staffing agency. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working with us for your outsourcing needs:

Work with experienced professionals. The quality and accuracy of your training data accuracy can make or break your machine learning solution, no matter how well-resourced it might be. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing data annotation professionals with our agency is that we will provide skilled, experienced experts capable of delivering accurate results rapidly without compromising on the end results. Better yet, they’re accustomed to working with multiple clients and processing large volumes of data, ultimately improving the overall productivity of your project. 

Scalable teams. Typically, machine learning models millions of labeled datasets to successfully train them. Whilst the goal of these models vary widely in terms of complexity, they all have a common denominator; huge volumes of high-quality and accurate data to train them. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the resources to bankroll these large-scale data annotation projects. If you are looking to help your company annotate audio files, our hiring managers can help you assemble your team from scratch or scale your existing one.

Fast turnaround time. Relying on in-house teams for audio labeling can delay the completion of your project, considering they have to handle other obligations. Along with that, it can be time-consuming to train new employees on the latest audio labeling trends. Another benefit of using our staffing agency is that our hiring teams can quickly recruit the right data annotators, all thanks to our huge pool of professionals and a robust referral system.

How We Hire Dedicated Audio Labeler

Building your dedicated video labeling team with our staffing agency is a simple and straightforward process. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Jump on a virtual call with our hiring team to discuss your hiring needs.
  2. We will create a catchy advert and circulate it within our network of passive and active candidates.
  3. The search for audio annotators begins and resumes are forwarded to you for consideration.
  4. Our hiring managers will arrange for virtual interviews with the chosen candidates.
  5. Formalize everything by signing a contract.
  6. Data annotation begins.

Get in touch with us and hire a dedicated audio labeler in Ukraine!