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Mante is an experienced audio labeler specialized in improving experience with speech analytics and AI. She has worked with text classification, entity extraction, translation, speech to text transcription, speaker diarization and audio sentiment analysis. Mante has an impressive portfolio of projects, which include developing and deploying large-scale audio labeling pipelines for multiple industries. Through her work, she has a deep knowledge of the complex audio labeling process. She is well-versed in the latest technologies and techniques used in the field, such as deep learning and natural language processing.

Mante is an expert in the field of audio labeling, and she is well-versed in the latest advancements. She has gained a deep understanding of the complexities of speech analytics and AI, and has developed a range of innovative solutions to improve user experience. Mante is a highly experienced audio labeler, and has the ability to quickly identify and resolve issues that may arise in the labeling process.

Expertise in Speech Analytics and AI: A Skilled Audio Labeler’s Work Experience

Text Classification

  • Proficient in categorizing text data into various pre-defined categories or classes based on their content or context;
  • Capable of working with various text formats such as transcripts, chat logs, emails, and social media posts;
  • Can provide accurate and reliable text classification services for applications such as sentiment analysis, customer feedback analysis, and content moderation.

Entity Extraction

  • Experienced in identifying and extracting named entities such as people, places, organizations, and products from unstructured text data;
  • Skilled in using various entity recognition models and techniques to extract entities from different types of text data;
  • Can provide high-quality entity extraction services for applications such as information retrieval, document categorization, and content recommendation.

Speech-to-text Transcription:

  • Skilled in converting spoken audio data into text format using various speech recognition tools and technologies;
  • Capable of working with different types of spoken audio data such as interviews, conference calls, and podcasts;
  • Can provide accurate and reliable speech-to-text transcription services for applications such as market research, media monitoring, and academic research.

Speaker Diarization:

  • Experienced in identifying and separating different speakers in a recorded audio data using various speaker diarization techniques and algorithms;
  • Capable of handling different types of audio data such as telephone conversations, webinars, and focus group discussions;
  • Can provide high-quality speaker diarization services for applications such as call center analytics, market research, and media monitoring.

Audio Sentiment Analysis

  • Skilled in analyzing the emotions and sentiments expressed in an audio data using various sentiment analysis models and techniques;
  • Experienced in working with different types of audio data such as customer feedback recordings, social media videos, and call center recordings;
  • Can provide accurate and reliable audio sentiment analysis services for applications such as customer feedback analysis, brand reputation management, and call center analytics.

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