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Diana is a highly skilled Speech and Language Annotator with expertise in text classification, entity extraction, and translation. She has a solid understanding of data annotation and visualization techniques, including Seaborn, Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, and Data Analysis. Diana is also proficient in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and competently utilizes the Python programming language for problem solving. Additionally, she has a French language knowledge B1 level.

Diana has a proven track record of success working with annotation tools, such as Kaia Artificial Intelligence system. She is able to accurately classify documents and extract key entities related to the content. Her skills allows her to translate documents efficiently and accurately.

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Diana is an excellent Speech and Language Annotator who is passionate about her work and takes great pride in providing accurate and reliable results. She is an asset to any team and would be a great addition to any organization.

Text Classification

Diana has worked on text classification, such as classifying text by sentiment, topics, and language, using the Kaia artificial intelligence system. She has a strong understanding of the process, from data annotation to data visualization and analysis.

Entity Extraction

Diana has experience in entity extraction, leveraging natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to accurately extract entities from text.

Data Annotation

Diana has worked extensively with data annotation, leveraging the Kaia AI system to accurately annotate data sets. She is able to identify relevant information, classify text, and extract entities from text.

Data Analysis

Diana is also skilled in data analysis, using Python and its libraries to process and analyze data. She is also able to use Seaborn to create meaningful visualizations from data.


Diana is bilingual in English and French and has applied her language skills in her work, successfully translating text from one language to another.

Problem Solving

Diana is a problem solver and has contributed to the development of software solutions to address various project challenges.

If you need a professional speech and language annotator, get in touch with us to discuss the option of forming a team of specialized data labelers who can work remotely.

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