In an increasingly data-driven global village, businesses are looking for creative ways to utilize the huge volumes of customer data to create a unique selling position in their respective ways. One of the biggest yet rich data veins come in the form of social media texts and product review descriptions. Rich as this data may seem on the surface, however, it is largely unstructured and unreadable to machines, rendering it partially usable. This is especially the case with natural language processing (NLP), where the models need to manually learn the true meaning and context of a specific text. 

And that’s where a data labeler comes in. These professionals help computer models to zero in on specific images or videos by drawing bounding boxes and labeling them in a manner that the model can understand. With the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, the demand for text labeling skills has continued to grow, leaving cash-strapped companies struggling to fill vacant text clustering and labeling positions. Unsurprisingly, many companies are outsourcing to bridge the skills.

If you are looking to outsource your NLP labeling text entities team, our company boasts a huge pool of qualified candidates and a robust referral system, allowing us to offer our clients fast, reliable, and flexible solutions to their needs.

Text Annotation Services That the Specialists We Hire Can Help with 

As a full-service staffing agency headquartered in Ukraine, we help companies recruit the right text annotation talent for a wide array of industries. Our solutions range from on-the-spot replacements and complete team-building, and we work with both multinational and small corporations. If you are wondering how the professionals we hire can help your business, here are some of the services that they can offer.

major text labeling services

Text Transcription

Timely and accurate transcriptions are key in making your text documentation usable. The professionals that we help recruit are committed to delivering expedient, high-quality transcription services. They will provide an all-inclusive OCR transcription package, ultimately reducing all the costs associated with hiring data entry specialists. By allowing them to handle the data entry load, you can focus your energy toward developing your product.

Text Categorization and Classification 

A lot of data collected by businesses from different sources is largely disorganized and unstructured, which makes it difficult to extract any value from it. Text classification entails assigning tags and categories to this unstructured data, and it is used to label topics, detect spam and create clarity on the intent. Our hiring managers will help you recruit professionals with the necessary experience in cleaning, organizing, and defining a deluge of data in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Named Entity Linking, Recognition, and Tagging

As the name suggests, NLP named entity recognition entails named entities getting identified and linked to their respective classes. Indeed, any given raw text data features noun phrases and stopwords, which may or may not represent something or show the relationship between two words or sentences. Our recruits have the necessary name entity classification experience, and they will profile your text data to make it discernible to the model and the results accurate.

Sentiment and Intent Analysis

Text sentiment analysis allows businesses to pick customers’ opinions and sentiments about their brand and subsequently create a highly accurate visual representation based on text data analysis. This is particularly important in identifying loopholes in areas such as PR and marketing campaigns, ensuring that future campaigns resonate with your customers. Our agency will help you recruit highly-effective professionals to analyze the data from different platforms including social media chats, customer reviews, product reviews, call centers, questionnaires, and mass media.

Phrase Chunking

No matter what question you think about, there’s a high likelihood that somebody somewhere has the answer written down. There’s a staggering amount of natural language text in electronic form today but the complexity of natural language makes it difficult to access it in that text. Worse still, NLP is still in its infant stages and a lot needs to be done before a universally accepted meaning of unrestricted texts is developed. Our huge talent pool has phrase chunking experts, and they will help label various parts of speech using grammatical and linguistic settings, making it understandable to ML, NLP, and AI models.

Text Annotation With Right Metadata Labeling

Different elements in a document can be expounded with a significant concept inversely related to their nature. Our staffing agency will help recruit professionals in crafting descriptive information to text elements, allowing you to create accurate data sets that can be easily identified, interpreted, and utilized by machines.

Text Data Moderation

A text annotator/s hired by our agency will also help detect and filter millions of unwanted word phrases, character insertions, letter replacements, leet-speak, obfuscation, phonetic variations, hyphenation, embeddings, and special characters, improving the quality of your datasets.

Linguistic Annotation

Also commonly referred to as corpus annotation, linguistic annotation is a form of textual dataset labeling that deals with language details texts and audio. Along with that, it also incorporates semantic annotation, phonetic annotation, and POS tagging, and it is mostly used when training machine translation models.

SAO (Subject Action Object)

When a text or sentence contains multiple entities that are linked by an action, it can be hard for NLP models to understand them. For example, ‘Kim sues Jane’, is open to text classification and entity annotation, whereby a tag concerning law-based discussion has been added. For the ML or NLP model to understand the text, however, it needs to be fed SAO data, making Kim the subject, Jane the object & suing the action. Our hiring managers will help your company hire text annotation professionals to convert unstructured textual data into structured textual data featuring subjects, objects, and actions.

Industries Text Annotators We Hire May Serve in

Our staffing agency will help deliver professionals to handle all your text annotation and video labeling needs, ultimately turning your texts into usable insights.

Here are some of the popular industries that our hires can work in:

industries where text annotator can work

Why Partner with Our Company to Build a Team of Dedicated Text Labelers?

With multiple staffing agencies out there, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chauffeur. Without blowing our own trumpet, here are some of the reasons why you should consider working with us: 

Experienced Text Labeling Experts 

Our agency is committed to recruiting skilled and experienced professionals to deliver world-class text annotation, document annotation, and text data collection services with the utmost accuracy by auditing data in multiple stages. Their familiarity with dashboards empowers them to conduct multi-user text annotation without a problem. 

Scalable Teams

Thanks to our large pool of talented professionals, we are able to help our clients rapidly build even the largest dedicated text annotation teams, all without compromising the quality of the final results. But that’s not the best part. We provide completely flexible solutions, letting you scale your team upwards or downwards depending on your hiring needs. 


Our hiring managers will help you source, recruit, vet, and onboard managed teams that have worked with hundreds of clients across the world. They also work as an extension of your team, while our delivery model features built-in monitoring to support individual accountability. 

Convenient Location

Our agency is conveniently located in Ukraine, which allows the teams that we help hire are able to work across multiple time zones. This is especially important if your company serves customers on different continents. 

Provide Outsider’s Perspective

Most NLP, AI, and ML models fail because the teams tasked with data collection and annotation unknowingly introduce bias, affecting accuracy and skewing the final result. However, the data annotation professionals that our hiring managers recruit will provide an outsider perspective when annotating your data, eliminating bias and improving its accuracy.

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How We Hire Our Text Annotation Machine Learning Professionals

Getting started with your dedicated text labeling team is a piece of cake. Better yet, you can start by hiring a single team member and scale as your hiring needs increase. 

Below is a quick break-down of our hiring process:

  1. Book time with us to discuss your hiring needs, the language needed, and business culture.
  2. Our hiring managers will craft a catchy employee proposition and send it out to our pool of candidates and network.
  3. Next, we will review the resumes of potential candidates and send them to you for consideration.
  4. We will arrange virtual interviews via Zoom, Skype, or video conferencing tool of choice.
  5. Make things official by signing a contract, introduce the new hire to the rest of the team, and start working

Get in touch with us today and hire a dedicated text labeler!