What is the goal of Natural Language Processing or NLP? The idea behind is that it can help build machines that can understand human emotions. This is not something that people thought would be possible. If you would check movies and television shows, machines are always depicted as those that cannot comprehend emotions. They do not understand how love works and they are not sentimental.

The machines of today are still not going to be as emotional as human beings but they will have the ability to decipher what type of emotions humans are trying to convey. They will do it through sentiment analysis NLP. People are more used to Google speech recognition wherein the things that you say will be translated into text. Sentiment Analysis works differently from that.

How Does Sentiment Analysis in NLP Work?

NLP sentiment analysis is meant to help understand the emotions that are being conveyed behind the text. It’s most common to use this for text data. People usually communicate with the use of words. It’s important to know the meaning behind those words as some people may use words that are considered positive. When they are written sarcastically, they would be more negative.

You may not realize it but this is being used in different types of industries right now. In the world of retail, you will see people purchasing some items from an online store. What will help you decide if you should purchase from the online store or not? You are going to check the reviews. 

Reviews will come in different forms:

  • Positive: I like the material used for this skirt. I will definitely order again!
  • Negative: I did not like the appearance of the skirt. There were some loose threads that I had to cut off.
  • Neutral: I purchased this skirt today.

Looking at the reviews can help the online skirt decide on the things that they can maintain and improve. The online skirt will know that the material of the skirt should be retained but they have to work on improving the way that they stitch the skirt. These are things that can be analyzed by a machine as long as it’s properly trained. This is possible through online sentiment analysis. 

Different people can work on the machines to make them more responsive to the reviews. A video labeler can work on this but if you want to look for a specific skill set, you can look for a data annotator that focuses on text analysis.

7 Main Applications of Sentiment Analysis in NLP

Sentiment analysis is one of the most used ways of analyzing text. You can do sentiment analysis online as long as you are familiar with some of the best tools to use. Hiring a data annotator is also a good idea. You can focus on the other aspects of your business while the data annotator focuses on social media sentiment analysis.

Sentiment Analysis for Social Media Monitoring

If you want to know more about the honest opinions of people, you can find them on social media. Most of the comments that you will find there are unsolicited. Some will be blatantly cruel and unless businesses have moderators, those comments will be seen by a lot of people.

Using media sentiment analysis can make it possible to look through all of the comments in a short amount of time. The comments will be categorized into three categories. Businesses can look through the comments and see if there are some repetitive ones. They will get insights about what they should do next.

The best part about this is moderators can address the negative comments easily to make the situation better.

Sentiment Analysis for Reputation Management

What is one of the main reasons why businesses fail? It’s because people will not give businesses a chance if they have received too many negative reviews. Businesses need to focus on monitoring what people say about them.

Sentiment analysis as a service can be acquired from data annotators who specialize in providing this. If there are negative mentions about the brand, the content moderator can check it out. This can also help analyze if the company is receiving more than the usual number of negative complaints than usual. This will alert the company that something might be wrong.

Sentiment Analysis in Employee Management

Brands can focus too much on their customers that they forget about the people who will help improve the brand’s products and services – the employees. Companies can do a company sentiment analysis on the things that the employees will say. They can state their happiness or their frustration about working for the company. This can give the company an idea that there are more benefits that they should improve on. It would also let companies know if they are already doing things that can help improve how they retain their employees.

Sentiment Analysis in Analyzing Products

Do you want to know what people are saying about the product that you have just launched? You can get a sentiment analysis service to know the feedback of the target market. You can use this by typing in some of the keywords. You will get the information that you need in no time.

You need to know what people are saying about the product in general. They may also mention some elements that will let you improve the product further. You cannot please everyone but you can come up with a product that will make most people happy. It’s still going to be a win for you.

Sentiment Analysis in Researching About Your Competitors

Have you ever wondered why consumers choose your competitors over you? You can use a sentiment analysis website to give you an idea about what people are saying about them. Are they offering more things that people think they can use in their life more? Do they offer more special discounts that people find amazing?

You can learn about what makes them stand out and how you can also stand out better. You may also compare the marketing efforts that you are doing and how their marketing efforts compare to yours. You can improve the tone of your company to fit the desires of customers better.

Sentiment Analysis in Providing Customer Support

This is one of the hardest things that you have to work on when you are trying to improve the visibility of your business. You might get a lot of requests and you cannot answer the inquiries and complaints of the customers immediately. You can check out some chatbot intents. This will work in a way that it will give a response depending on the keywords that customers will use.

You may also place some of the frequently answered questions that customers can choose from. They will immediately get an answer as long as the chatbot intent works. Sentiment analysis will be able to analyze what the emotion is under the type of question that customers ask.

Sentiment Analysis in Listening to People’s Voice

The difference between this with checking what people are saying on social media is you will use this to check what people are saying about you on all platforms. You are not limited to one social media website. You can check forums and other blogs too. You are also going to gain access to what people are saying about you in surveys, emails, and the public chatrooms available. 

You can get a more precise overview of how people your company. You can also come up with ways how you can improve what you are offering. You will see if some topics are recurring. These topics will let you know what people like and dislike about your product offerings.

Other details about sentiment analysis applications can be found right here.

You have a more precise idea of how intent classification can be used to know more about your customers and what they think. We can help you connect with people who know how to do proper intent recognition for NLP sentiment analysis. Visualize the results that you want for the project that you have in mind with our help. There is no need to waste any more time. Just contact us soon.

Svitlana Orlenko