Speech recognition has become more popular as people started to recognize how it can help them with their daily life. This is the ability of a machine or software to identify words that are spoken out loud and transformed into text. The first-ever voice recognition machine was only able to recognize a few words. Companies started investing in it when they realized how much it can be of help.

Google speech recognition has been around for a long time. This is one of the prime examples of something that people have used to make their tasks easier, among others. Through speech recognition in AI, data can be curated and properly sustained.

The Many Uses of Speech Recognition

Speech recognition has made many changes to how people can work with their devices. Devices are becoming smarter and are starting to recognize people’s personal preferences. Devices can now answer some of the questions without the need to type in the actual question. People can ask and they will receive their answers in a flash. The speech annotation specialist can be helpful in providing what is needed.

Speech Recognition Technology in the Workplace

Speech recognition technology has been used by different digital assistants. This has moved from people’s assistants to their offices. Some tasks can be done by machines through voice recognition. Some tasks are traditionally done by humans that can become more efficient by allowing machines to do them.

Digital assistants will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Create tables and graphs using the given data.
  • Print documents when after a request.
  • Schedule video conferences and start them.
  • Record minutes
  • Search for some of the data needed from other devices.
speech recognition in AI

Speech Recognition in Marketing

Marketing is still important for a lot of business owners. They need to market their brand and products well enough that they will be chosen by their customers even when there is a lot of competition. It is through voice search that companies can reach different customers. If you own a business, your goal is to create a web application or a website that will help learn more about the profiles of each customer that you have. This will help you retain more customers successfully.

  • You can also get data from the way that customers speak. Learn more about their accents and get trends depending on what people from different age groups may need. People’s gender may also speak volumes about the things that they are searching for in companies.
  • Learn details about the behavior of your target customers. The more details that you find out, the better that you can plan the next projects so that you can promote effectively and target more people.

Speech Recognition in Healthcare

This is one of the industries wherein time is very important. A few seconds can make significant changes and industries can benefit from using speech recognition software that can do speech and language processing. People who have access can immediately get the information they need to save lives.

Some of the advantages are the following:

  • Getting the needed information from medical records without the need to go through the whole document to find it. This can help save time.
  • Nurses can be reminded of some instructions to reduce the chances of making mistakes.
  • People can already search for some of the symptoms that they are experiencing and get a diagnosis from medical doctors online.
  • Paperwork is significantly lessened.
  • Workflow is enhanced.

Some apps come with parts of speech recognizer to reduce the chances of the app to make mistakes.

Importance of Accurately Curated Data for AI

Data curation is important in providing more detailed and accurate information for data that already exists. Data teams can analyze it further so insights can be formed. The more accurate the data, the fewer mistakes that will be made especially if everything becomes automated. The voice-to-text speech will make fewer mistakes and will provide a more accurate representation of what has been said.

If there are mistakes in certain industries, they can be fatal. Companies need to curate the right program so that mistakes can be avoided. It may require labeling parts of speech to make them easier to recognize. Other details about the cost of speech implementation can be found here.

How to Outsource Speech Annotation?

speech recognizer

There are fast-growing technologies that can work better with proper speech annotation. Outsourcing speech annotation is nothing new and is expected to become more popular in the years to come. These are some of the ways to help you do it:

Hire Freelancers

You need to look for freelancers from various parts of the world who can recognize parts of speech easily. The more adept they are, the more that they can provide what is needed.


  • Freelancers are mostly available and finding the right people to hire will be easier.
  • Selecting the candidates that fit best for the job positions will not require a lot of money.
  • There are some options for how freelancers can be paid.


  • They can miss deadlines.
  • Some of them may not be too committed since they owe nothing to the company.

Look for a Managed Labeling Service

Find a company that can work with you for speech annotation. The company may have a speech recognizer API that can help in checking large amounts of data easily.


  • They have systems that are designed to handle the facets that you need.
  • They can handle a lot of things for you when you need them.
  • They are trusted and other companies have used their services in the past.


  • The services are priced higher.
  • The scope will not handle all aspects that you need so you have to be specific.

Hire a Dedicated Labeler from a BPO Company

You can work with a human labeler who can work as a speech recognizer. This person will generate accurate labels for the data that you can collect. This is important because context is always needed so that the machine learning model can recognize the data immediately depending on the label.


  • You will be working with an expert that has specifically learned about this before you hire him.
  • You do not have to worry about training the person.
  • They are familiar with speech recognition Javascript and other frameworks that you may need.


  • Fees can be staggeringly high.
  • They have various specializations and you need to be specific with what you are looking for.

Get High-Quality Speech Recognition Services Now

You do not need to look any further to find experts in using the Grove speech recognizer and so much more. We have all the right data labelers that can help place context in the data that you will place on your machine. We are ready to help you get what you need for a better AI. Contact us for more details.

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