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Nataliia is a highly experienced data annotator, specializing in Audio Annotation and Text Semantic Analysis. She has vast experience in Behavior tracking, intent analysis, complex actions annotation, Text classification, entity extraction, translation, Speech to text transcription, speaker diarization, audio sentiment analysis and work with annotation tools such as ATLAS.ti and Label Studio. 

In addition to her experience with audio annotation and text semantic analysis, Nataliia is also knowledgeable in data analysis and machine learning. She is familiar with various data analysis techniques, such as clustering, classification, and predictive modeling. She is also experienced in using machine learning techniques, such as supervised and unsupervised learning.

Nataliia’s Expertise in Data Annotation and Semantic Analysis

Nataliia is an experienced data annotator with a deep knowledge of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. It makes her an ideal candidate for any project that requires data annotation and semantic text analysis.

Audio Annotation

  • Labeling audio data with relevant metadata;
  • Assessing audio clips for quality assurance;
  • Verifying audio recordings for accuracy;
  • Providing feedback on audio recordings.


  • Converting speech to text;
  • Proofreading transcripts for accuracy;
  • Analyzing transcripts for quality;
  • Optimizing speech-to-text transcription processes.

Semantic Analysis

  • Performing sentiment analysis and entity extraction;
  • Tagging text for semantic understanding;
  • Identifying trends in text.

Behavio Tracking

  • Creating and managing audio datasets for behavior tracking and complex actions annotation; 
  • Labeling data for intent analysis and providing insights on user behavior.

Intent Analysis

  • natural language data processing, identifying patterns and trends; 
  • extracting meaningful insights that can be used to improve the accuracy of the intent analysis models;
  • implementing, and testing different intent analysis techniques.

Complex Action Annotation

  • Labeling complex actions in audio and video recordings;
  • Verifying labeled actions for accuracy.
  • Annotating complex actions, such as facial expressions, gestures, and other complex body languages.

Text Classification

  • Classifying text into categories;
  • Labeling text with relevant tags;
  • Managing text classification databases;
  • Analyzing text for accuracy.

Entity Extraction

  • Extracting entities from the text;
  • Entity classification into categories;
  • Validating entity extraction results;
  • Documenting entity extraction processes.

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