There is one thing about the digital world that is true – it is constantly changing and evolving. Different platforms are available and the variation of each platform all depends on the content that will be created by the users.

Some people will look at the details given by various businesses and companies. Others are going to trust the details that are shared by other users. They want to know more about the products that the company has offered and so much more. Data that is shared will always be consumed. The question is, will the data be accurate? When is the right time to moderate the available content?

The Importance of Content Moderation and Text Classification

Content moderation refers to looking at and inspecting the different types of posts so that those that are offensive can be removed. Inappropriate posts will also be removed. There is a specific type of standard that will be followed so that only the right content will be available to other users.

A content moderator will have an easier time screening proper content through text classification. Text classification is a type of machine learning technique. You can do a machine to do this so that texts can be categorized and labeled easily. There are already pre-defined categories that are available so that it will not be too complex for the machines to figure out where texts should be placed.

The text classification dataset that will be fed to the machine can help monitor the following:

  • The type of content that is being submitted by the users.
  • The words, phrases, and sentences that the business has already banned from being used on the website or web page.
  • The number of posts that a specific user uploads in a day.

Some website or webpage owners are aware of how problematic it can be when users do spam. It can affect the traffic or hits that the website or web page gets in a day. The right text classification datasets can help the machine determine these things.

Learning More About Data Labeling – What is NLP Labeling?

Doing data labeling means that the data labeler will place different labels on the data so that the data can be properly classified. The next time that the same type of data will be placed in the machine, the machine already knows how to classify it properly. NLP text classification will make this possible. 

How Does NLP Labeling Work?

Specialists who do NLP labeling are supposed to work with huge volumes of training data. It is through NLP text classification that NLP models are going to be more accurate. Companies need to work with data specialists who are used to working with huge amounts of data. They should also be adept at doing intent detection NLP. The accuracy of the machine will depend on two things:

  • The data that will be used.
  • The expertise of the data specialist who will be feeding the data into the machine.

Companies need to rely on the skills and knowledge of data specialists first because machines will not work properly without the expertise of specialists.

Process of NLP Data Labeling

The process to do NLP data labeling consists of the following steps:

  1. Getting the raw data that you will use for NLP document classification.
  2. The active learning model will be trained using the labels that humans have placed on the data. The data can be a text dataset or it may also contain some media files like images or videos.
  3. The data that the machine already understands will be labeled automatically by the machine.
  4. The accurate training data set can be used to classify other types of data that will be received.

What happens if the machine gets data that it does not know how to classify? Remember that text classification deep learning is necessary. The more that the data is properly labeled, the better.

The unclear data will be sent to data analysts and specialists so that they can be labeled. Some will use image annotation tools to make the process faster and easier. Once the data is properly labeled, it will be sent back to the machine for checking. This will help improve the data learning model further.

Key Pros of NLP Labeling

Those who are not too familiar with machine learning may not understand why NLP labeling is important. Some of the advantages include the following:

  • You can have a more accurate analysis. Have you ever tried using a platform and always wonder why some of your comments are being moderated? This means that some keywords you used are not allowed on the website. Imagine being able to do this as well so you do not have to go through huge amounts of data every time.
  • Performing large-scale analysis is going to be easier. There is no need to limit the number of data that you will use. The machine can go through huge amounts of data easily.
  • Improve the satisfaction of customers. Customers do not want to enter websites wherein profanities can easily be seen. It may depend on your target market but you need to show that the website or the webpage is a safe place so that people will continue to enter.

Hiring the Right NLP Data Specialists

You cannot just go online and randomly choose people who will work on NLP labeling. You need data specialists who have made an effort to train and continuously learn. You can make things easier by checking a data annotation company. They have people who specialize in working on the projects you may have.

Understand the Role that You Want Them to Play

You need to decide if you want the data analysts to work on one specific project and how long you want to keep them. Do you want them to work for your company or do you simply want them to work for you project-based? You should also learn more about what the project requires. Knowledge of processing language might be a plus so you do not have to consider applicants who do not specialize in this.

Source Applicants from Different Countries

The beauty of the internet now is finding the right applicants do not have to take as long as before. You are not limited to people who are within the area of your headquarters. You can choose to hire from a data annotation company that offers nearshore or offshore services. The choice will be up to you. The best part is the rates usually go down the farther that you go. Just consider some of the time zone differences and other issues.

Assess the Skills of the Applicants

You cannot hire people especially if you know that they are not skilled enough. Now is not the time to “settle” for people who do not have the right skills and knowledge to improve the machine. You want an accurate machine that can help moderate the content that will be available on your website. You cannot let some phrases and sentences be posted just like that. A content moderator may not always catch the issue immediately especially if the person is handling a lot of content all at once.

Gain more details about looking for the best data analysts when you check here.

Content moderation is being taken more seriously now. You need to analyze and screen data through content classification to make sure that they will pass. You need hardworking experts who can work with you to give you what you want. There is no time to waste. Contact us now for details.

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