The process of data labeling in machine learning has always been popular. It’s expected to become even bigger in the years to come. Data labeling has become more serious over the past years. People need to label data for machine learning so that the raw data can be easily classified by the machine.

The forums moderator can only do so much when regulating the type of content that users post on websites. The use of labeling machine learning can recognize more words that need to be removed from the forums so as not to reflect badly on the website or web application.

Data Preparation for Machine Learning

Companies need to hire the right people that know about working with a dataset for machine learning. People assume that this is easy until they realize how time-consuming it can be to label all of the available data before feeding the raw data into the machine.

Data specialists should have the ability to do data preparation which involves the following:

  • Gather the data that you need for the machine.
  • Create a format that will make it readable to the machine.
  • Label raw data that is uncategorized by the machine.
  • Create proper and working machine learning data sets.

Specialists know that they should focus on the data but at the same time, they also know that they should look into the issue that they want to solve. You need to let them know what your project is so that they will know what the problem is. They can curate the right formula to make the machine work according to your needs.

Steps to Do Data Preparation

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Machine learning application development can take a long time even with a machine learning training set.

Formulation of the problem

You need to know what the issue is so that you will know what you are trying to solve. Do you want to know more details about your target market but do not have the right data for that? This can be tagged as the problem. Knowing this will let you know what to do and how you can do it.

Data collection

It’s important to choose the right type of data for the machine learning dataset. You need the right data sources otherwise experts will only be wasting their time looking at data that they cannot use. The data should be a good representation of what the possible solution to the problem is going to be. Some factors can make the data a bit different from expected so a data analyst should not be biased toward the data.

Understanding the data

People can make the mistake of making assumptions about the data without knowing what the data is for. Data analysts should make an effort to have some insights about the data. They should know the different variables and predict the outcome that the company would like to achieve.

Validate and cleanse the data

There are different validation and cleansing techniques that data analysts can do to identify the issues in the data. It will be easier to find the outliers and the other details that will not make sense along with the other types of data. A data rating and labeling contractor may be able to do this as well.

Choosing the right machine algorithms

Once the data analysts are happy with the datasets that they have created, they need to know the machine algorithms used. It’s common for data to be placed in various categories depending on some of their similar factors. For example, some data will be placed under the height category. Those that will be placed under the weight category will be a different set of data.

Adding variables to improve output

This is the last step in data preparation. Some of the variables are added or new variables can be created to further improve the output of the machine learning model. Some parts of the data may be extracted because they fit a certain category.

Feature selections can make it easier for non-relevant data to be disregarded by the machine as they will only affect the outcome. Adding too many features can be a problem as they may not accurately analyze the data anymore.

Some Tools for Data Labeling

AI development and machine learning will not be possible without proper data labeling. Tools can be used to label data for machine learning to lessen the time that you are going to spend on labeling it. Some can be specifically used for text classification machine learning. Others can be used for other types of media files and data. Tools can make the learning process automated which can make some tasks less complex.

Tools for data labeling can also be essential in collaborating with other people. People who are working on document classification machine learning can work with the rest of the team so that issues can be resolved more efficiently.

Label Studio

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This web application platform is known to be used for different types of data. Whether you need to label images, videos, or text, this can be very useful. There is no need to download this tool. You can access it from any browser online. You can also use the UI for some of the applications that you are formulating if needed.


machine learning data sets

This is another data labeling tool that people mostly use for images and videos. It gives different types of tools for data labeling. You can configure a tool depending on your needs. You can create some customized configurations so that you can label the data according to your needs. The best part about this tool is your data experts can handle all parts of the data labeling process. This is perfect if you are meticulous and you want to make sure that everything is customized according to your needs. Using this can create the ML data sets that you want.


training dataset in machine learning

If you are specifically looking for a data labeling tool that can be used for text alone, then you do not have to search any further. This will help you create the right text for dataset machine learning. This can be considered a Natural Language Processing tool to make it easier to do manual text labeling for machine learning.

Using this tool will give data analysts an overview of the texts and what they mean. They can gain insights into them, learn how to properly label the different types of texts, and so much more. Another great thing about this tool is customer support. The more that you learn how to use this, the more useful it can be for you.


training set machine learning

If you always want to use open-source tools, then this is one of the best options available. This can be accessed online and you can use this to label videos, images, and other forms of data. You can simply upload the data that you want to label and collaborate with other people who are working with you. Learn more about the data as you are given some insights about what the data states. The more that you know, the more that you can start the data tagging process which can help make machine learning datasets.

To use this, you can simply follow this process:

  • Make a project based on the annotation that you need.
  • Upload the raw data.
  • Allow the rest of the data analysts to check the data so that they can begin with the tagging and labeling.

People usually look for open-source tools because this is more accessible. It does not limit people who do not use a certain type of gadget or use a specific type of browser. More people are also willing to help especially if you reach some issues.


document classification machine learning

This is another text labeling tool that can be your option when you want to create a precise dataset. People like that the UI is very simple and interactive. Let’s say that you will get data analysts to look at your data but you still want to learn how to label data on your own. This labeling machine learning tool is easy to use. 

You will still need the help of experts to ensure that you are using it properly but you might have a better understanding of how the process is done. This will not come with some of the complex issues that you may encounter if you choose not to use a data labeling tool for training set machine learning.


text classification machine learning

Some people will choose this over all the other annotation tools for machine learning document classification. They believe that this will give them the fastest results because this can work fast. This is specifically made for computer vision products. If this is what you are trying to promote, then you do not have to look any further.

This can be easily integrated with any platform which makes professionals appreciate this tool a lot. The best part – it will further improve the accuracy of the training data machine learning dataset.

Learn more about the right tools that you can use for data labeling when you check this link.

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