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Yurii is a skilled image annotator with over two years of experience in the field. His proficiency extends to a variety of annotation techniques, including Labelbox image segmentation, CVAT, Blender, and SuperAnnotate. With his expertise, Yurii demonstrates precision in categorizing and labeling objects in images, such as vehicles, buildings, and trees.

His experience with bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, and polylines for image segmentation showcases his ability to handle complex labeling tasks. Yurii’s proficiency with Labelbox image segmentation, among other tools, makes him a valuable asset to any project involving image labeling and annotation. He can contribute significantly to the success of your team and project.

Yurii’s Expertise in Image Labeling

In addition to his technical skills, Yurii possesses the ability to work with complex data and deliver high-quality results within set timelines.

Object Detection

Yurii has 2+ years of experience in performing object detection from images and videos, utilizing a variety of annotation tools such as Labelbox, CVAT, Blender, and SuperAnnotate.

Anomaly Detection

Yurii is experienced in identifying and labeling anomalies in images, such as objects that are out of place or of unusual shapes. He has a keen eye for detail, enabling him to spot anomalies that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Predictive Maintenance

Yurii has experience in predicting and labeling potential maintenance issues in images and videos. He is familiar with the annotation tools needed to label potential problems or signs of wear and tear, and can provide detailed information about the potential problems.

Yield Estimations

Yurii has the ability to accurately estimate yields from images and videos. He is capable of labeling images and videos to provide detailed information about the yields and can also provide helpful recommendations for improvement.

Bounding Boxes

Yurii has extensive experience in drawing bounding boxes around objects in an image. He is skilled at accurately drawing the boxes with precision and is able to label the objects inside the boxes.

Polygons Annotation

Yurii is knowledgeable in working with polygons. He is able to accurately draw polygons around objects in an image, and label the objects inside the polygons.

Semantic Segmentation

Yurii is well-versed in semantic segmentation, the process of labeling an image by classifying each pixel. He is able to accurately label the pixels according to their class, and can identify objects in the image.

Cloud Points

Yurii has the ability to identify and label cloud points in images. He is knowledgeable in the annotation tools needed to accurately label the points, and can provide detailed information about them.

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