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Katarina is an experienced Image Labeling Expert with over 2 years of experience in the industry. She is proficient in French and Croatian languages and has worked with a variety of annotation tasks, including labeling typed math tasks in books, annotating images of both typed and handwritten tasks, and finding clones between images. 

Katarina is a highly skilled Image Labeling Expert with a passion for accuracy and efficiency. She has worked with a variety of clients and projects, and she can adapt to different annotation tasks quickly and effectively. With her experience and expertise, Katarina can provide high-quality annotations and data that can help improve the accuracy and performance of your machine learning systems.

Expert Image Labeler: Accurate Annotation for Machine Learning Systems

Image Labeling

Katarina has extensive experience in image labeling and has worked with various types of images, including handwritten and typed math tasks, medical images, and retail products.

Object Detection

Katarina is skilled in object detection and can accurately label objects within images, including people, animals, and products.

Image Segmentation

Katarina has experience in image segmentation and can accurately segment images into various regions and classes, including background, foreground, and objects of interest.

Clone Detaction

Katarina has experience in finding clones between images, which is an important task in image retrieval and content-based image retrieval systems.

Quality Control

Katarina has experience in quality control and can ensure high-quality annotations and data for machine learning systems.

GIMP Annotation Tool

Katarina is proficient in using the GIMP annotation tool and can use it to annotate images accurately and efficiently.

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