Extensive use of artificial intelligence in different business processes has generated a sharp uptrend in geospatial data services in recent years. The most common types of geo data services that contribute to this significant growth include geo-local evaluation, data collection, video annotation, geolocation verification, point of interest tagging and others.

According to the Fortune Business Insights information, the global market size of geo-location analytics is projected to reach $36.22 billion by 2028 from just $13.52 billion in 2021 with a staggering growth of over 15.1% CAGR during the forecast period. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT), blockchain, and other modern technologies contribute a huge portion of this gigantic growth of geospatial evaluation market volume.

What Is Geo Local Data Evaluation and Annotation?

The process of converting raw location data into structured data with the help of supervised machine learning method (annotation datasets) to authenticate and enhance location information of geographic entities is known as geo data evaluation. It is done through different services such as collecting, verifying, and labeling of annotation video, maps, images, and other data forms.

The use of geo-local evaluation is growing very fast in different applications, especially navigation software apps used in eCommerce, traveling, tourism, entertainment, social media, and others. A huge growth of over 26.3% CAGR between 2021 and 2030 in the market size of global annotation tools is a clear indicator of the bright future of geo-local data business.

How Do Geographic Data Annotation Services Improve Accuracy of Map in Navigation Software?

Incorporating geo datasets into maps and navigation software with more information such as landmarks, buildings, shops, restaurants, roads, streets, turns, road-width, and many others would increase the effectiveness and accuracy in the operations of navigation software and online software maps.

geographic data annotation benefits for ML models

The detailed annotation, labeling, point of interest (POI) tagging, GPS positioning, directions, and other components through manual or automated process would train machine learning model to achieve the below-mentioned features:

  • Accurate information – By adding detailed geospatial annotation, you train machine learning models to make the most accurate and reliable decisions. The software has a large volume of information about the landscapes, objects, motion status of bodies, and much more; so, it is very easy for your navigation software to make the most trustful and precise decision. 
  • Improved navigation – When you have incorporated large piles of information into your maps, the software applications can improve your navigation experience by choosing the right route, discovering interesting places, and many other features that you must be interested in.
  • Faster suggestions – Deeply annotated datasets make maps more accurate and efficient in providing possible suggestions based on your routes, interests, searches, and other factors.
  • Real-time updates – If you add rich geospatial annotation, your navigation apps are highly efficient in making real-time decisions to update you regarding any upcoming events, milestones, landmarks, and other such times of things.
  • Preempting disruptions – Detailed annotation can prompt you about any kinds of emerging untoward incidents while you navigate through AI applications.

What Are Different Types of Geodata Services

The most common geodata services provided by the domain experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning include:

types of geo data services

Geo Data Collection Services

The gathering and annotation of data used in building training datasets for different types of geo-local AI applications is referred to as geo data collection service. This service can be accomplished professionally by using multiple sources and channels such as OpenStreetMap, Natural Earth Data, customized images, Global map, Open Topography, UNEP Environment Data Explore, OpenAerialMap, and many others.  

Address Verification Services

The address authentication process involves adding any missing information, deleting the duplication, modifying the wrong address, and removing the duplication in addresses in a particular data file so that a proper file with verified addresses can be achieved to feed the AI-powered algorithms for training purposes. With this service, you can make your datasets highly accurate and effective in building very efficient applications for geospatial-related activities.

Geo Search Accuracy & Relevancy Confirmation

Location search accuracy and relevancy play a very critical role in a wide range of applications, especially automobile, eCommerce, traveling, tourism, logistics, and other applications. Any search regarding any desired object, landmark, destination, or address should be not only accurate but also relevant to the search in a navigational software app. Verification of accuracy and relevancy in any kinds of search to produce the results that are not misleading is known as geo search accuracy and relevancy confirmation service.

Car and Pedestrian Routing

A data annotation service in which the car routing as well as pedestrian routing produces the accurate result in any AI-based application. A good annotation for cars and pedestrian routing provides the accurate and shortest route to the destination through navigation software.

Point of Interest Tagging Service

Point of interest (POI) tagging helps machine learning algorithms to locate the right landmark, shops, restaurant, and other locations based on user’s interest and behavior found through AI sentiment analysis and analytics of other attributes.

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Top Solutions We Offer for Building Machine Learning Geographic Data Labeling Teams

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HR Consultancy

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Team Building from Scratch

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Multi-discipline Solutions

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Our Working Process to Recruit AI Training Data Annotators

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